Not Just an Extra Coat.

Connor Painting: A quality commercial paint job is not all you need to think about. But with Connor, you don't have to worry.

Connor Painting

You may have many options when you need a painter, but when you need professionalism, Connor is who you trust. Facilities managers have trusted them for over 25 years because they prioritize safety, lead in quality, and get the job done even in the off-season.

Commercial. Industrial. Institutional.

Connor does it all, but in commercial facilities where moments matter, Connor knows how to get the job done. This means your factory stays running, and your business stays open.

When we created the "Paint Cans" campaign, we wanted to make that clear. Connor is there for you when other painters can't be, and safety is paramount.

Connor is distinguished. Their ads need to be, too. We created a campaign with distinct images, sharp colors, and popping headlines. We let the paint cans tell the story, so Connor could stand out and connect with customers in an instant. And because commercial painting needs are different from one season to the next, we created a campaign that could be flexible and easy to produce.

Green Means Go.

A regional billboard campaign helped build brand awareness while boosting the Connor message (and traffic to their website). Meanwhile, a digital campaign connected with professionals, targeting specific geographies and professions to create frequency and drive leads.

We Always Play Ball.

Many people don't know that they can get the best scheduling options when they work in the winter when facility maintenance slows down. Connor makes this a specialty. We helped create a campaign to highlight their off-season service, flexible scheduling, and reliable experience with operating safely.

Sleep Better. Look Better.

In your job, a quality paint job is not all you need to think about. But Connor makes sure you don't have to worry.

Always a Good Idea.

Keeping facilities operating at peak performance is not seasonal. Neither are Connor's services. Our campaign was designed to make this message clear and eye-catching, all at the same time. Just like a new pain job.

Ready For Business

To ensure your business is ready to perform at the level you expect, work with Connor to bring your buildings up to date, inside and outside. Reach out to Connor Painting and schedule a consultation with a painting expert today.

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