Building For the Future

Patch Development is reshaping commercial real estate with a simple yet powerful approach: integrity-driven projects that just make sense.

Patch Development

Patch is a commercial developer making a mark across the state of Indiana. Through strategic land development, they are generating economic growth,  just like any other developer – except they have a cool bike in their office.

Your Partner is Right Here.

Patch Development doesn’t just appeal to its investors. Patch demonstrates appeal in every inch of their space. And each moment of doing business with them. 

Great Partnerships are Built on Trust.

We all know this, but Patch has years of proving it. They've avoided the churn and burn projects to focus on delivering for their investors. That’s why people have liked working with their team for a combined 150 years.

A Modern Blueprint

As Indiana explodes in land development projects, Patch is attracting the kind of business that contributes to the economic growth of the state.

A Custom Visual Identity

We delivered a custom image treatment to capture the essence of their design personality. This tailored approach ensures that each image showcases the distinctive features, architectural excellence, and transformative impact of their developments while creating a visual narrative to identify them in the market.

Building Legacies

The professionals at Patch create great spaces and projects that are assets to the cities and towns where they choose to invest. When you work with Patch, you get years of experience woven into every blueprint.

Start a Project

Build with someone who's done it before.

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