The AI Savior

AI is changing the marketing department but it may not be what you expected.

Maybe AI can write it for you.

You can never produce enough to keep up with your content marketing goals. It requires research, writing, editing, and the internal approval process. Maybe even inspiration. Writing an article, whitepaper, ad, and editorial content takes up much of the marketing team's bandwidth. If we're going to compete with the big boys, you'll no doubt have to produce more to even make a small showing on Google.

Until recently, the solution was to work harder, later, or spend more money hiring an outside writer. Or perhaps you just accept that you are constantly working from behind. But now AI can do all the writing for us.

Our problems are solved.

It will be a boon to the marketing department. You'll now be able to keep up with the massive hill of content needed to achieve your marketing goals. Your FAQs will no longer be asked by your customers and answered by your busy marketing staff. Now, a simple prompt will produce all questions and answers in one fell swoop. SEO, blogs, whitepapers, instructionals, social posts, ads, and more. All of it is completely resolved by artificial intelligence.

The best news is that your 5-person team will produce the work of a 30-person team without taking on the costs of hiring. It's going to be amazing!

Three months later...

Editing is killing you. You've got more fact-checking than actual facts. And your insightful content is anything but insightful.

Plus, you have no discernable personality.

They Want Your Insight

That's the problem we've seen with some marketing teams as they look to AI to solve their content problems. They create voluminous content, but they don't solve their content problems. They create new editing problems or fact-checking problems. They create brand problems or fail to achieve their goals of having a distinctive voice.

This is especially the case when the message matters.

I remember the early 2000s when search engine marketing became a major factor in online marketing. Brand managers no longer needed to focus on their message, personality, or the effectiveness of their ads. These were traded for search engine optimization or SEO. Eventually, link-building and keyword density were the primary practices that needed to be discovered online. Marketers would pack their sites with keywords that stretched language beyond belief. They would post links on message boards in inhumane ways.

Then, one day, Google made an update. For some sites, all their customers vanished.

The brand managers had to go back to managing their brands, and the SEO teams were fired (truthfully, SEO became more sophisticated and specialized, but that will be for another time). Content marketers, instead of writing for search engines, had to go back to writing for the people who buy their products. They had to go back to providing insight, and standing out.

To deliver market insights, one must be insightful. The prognosticator will need to be prognosticative, if that's even a word. To be effective at marketing your brand, you will need the thoughtful message of true experts in your field. Somebody else's content won't cut it.

When it comes to AI-produced content, it is, for the most part, somebody else's content. It's at least, a rehash of just that from many other sources. It might be useful to someone, but it's usually not insightful.

Your customers and those who look to your brand as the standard in your field don't want someone else's content. They want your insight. The only place to get that is from your team of passionate experts who stand behind your brand.

So far, AI gives you something to edit. It does not speak on your behalf. Your brand thinks differently about your product category. You have a different philosophy, and that's why your customers choose you. Because you offer something everyone else doesn't, and it's reflected in your brand content.

AI might be useful, though. But only if you treat it like what it is. It's a power tool. It's not a carpenter. AI won't offer your customers original thinking by scraping your competitor's content from the internet.

AI is a tool. It's not a creator. The creator will still be you.

At least for now.

Bonus Material: Here's a copy of this blog as written by AI.

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