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Sometimes Pulling Back the Curtain is Better Than the Smoke and Mirrors

Marketing is all about convincing people you're number one.

If you convince them, maybe they'll try your product and like it enough to make it their number one. But sometimes, being number one shouldn't be a priority at all.

I see it all the time. An ad shows an influencer who says he's found THE best pants. These pants fit better than any other pants, and fit is the number 👏 one 👏 style 👏 hack👏!

Clearly, none of those comments can be true. This guy clearly doesn't have my glutes (Hey, now! My blog is up here!). And fit is not a style hack; it's the only thing that has ever mattered with clothing besides being wrinkle-free.

When it comes to pants, there is no number one.

The Perfect Snack

Imagine if someone told you they had the perfect snack. What would you think? Do they like dried mango, prefer a little crunch, and use too much salt, just like me? Probably not.

Sometimes, there is no number one. If snacks could break the land speed record, or pants could dunk, sinking more balls than anyone in the history of pants, then maybe. Trying to be number one is often just one more way to be irrelevant. Especially when number one is not exactly what your customer is looking for.

Maybe your customer would just be happier knowing precisely what you are - and aren’t. Perhaps instead of number one, your customer simply wants three egg whites, six almonds, four cashews, and two dates. And no B.S.

The RX Bar took the right approach by not attempting to be something they are not. The brand says, "We know who we are - and who we’re not," and they explain that they are "real upfront" about it. They lean into the value that they offer without worrying about what they don’t offer. Even on the label, RX Bar is upfront about its ingredients. In this case, it's not about being number one; it's about pulling back the curtain and telling customers the truth.

This is all the more true when the number one choice for one customer is not a good choice for another. If "that guy" says those are the perfect pants, I’d be willing to bet they probably aren’t perfect for me. But if he pointed out that they were stretchy and had extra pockets, that might convince someone that the pants were an excellent choice for them (still not me, but you get the idea).

You can't be number one for everyone, but you can be exactly what you are, and that is perfect for someone. For your number one customer.


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