Andrew Griswold

Creative Director

If you recognize Andrew, AKA The Gris, it's probably because you've seen him online.

Andrew has worked with national brands and local nonprofits, producing creative incorporating video, photography, and design. His active work in digital mediums means he is able to guide creative deliverables with a modern approach.

Photo by Andrew Griswold

Before joining Matchbook, Andrew worked as an internal creative leader in the consumer product space. He has 10+ years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, serving a variety of clients for holistic creative projects.

Creative Director & Commercial Photographer | Midwest-Based Visual Storyteller
Creative director and commercial photographer based in the Midwest specializing in innovative visuals for branding and marketing. Expert in visual storytelling with a passion for creating stunning imagery. Reliable and skilled in bringing client visions to life.

If you recognize Andrew, AKA The Gris, it's probably because you've seen him online. His photography and digital creative have been used for social media and website content by large international brands in travel and leisure, among other industries. Occasionally, he gets a check in the mail for work he published a long time ago, which has allowed him to feed and raise his two children.

As our Creative Director, Andrew guides our creative development team for brand design, websites, and advertising from concept to final production.

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