Andrew Griswold

Creative Director

Our creative director upgrades his iPhone every time a new model comes out.

Capturing photos at every moment calls for the latest technology. But that doesn't replace his hunt for vintage film cameras in the wild, which bring texture to his photo library that expands nearly at the speed of the Universe itself.

If you recognize Andrew, don't be alarmed. Andrew, who goes by Gris to those really close to him, has spent years influencing creative types as a recommended follow on Instagram, capturing brand experiences, and highlighting products with an evergreen content approach (we still don't know what he means by that). He leads our creative team, overseeing concept development, messaging, and art direction, not to mention the images on The Spark, our weekly newsletter. For the most part, Gris picked our creative team members, stacking the deck in favor of strategic thinking and cutting-edge creative services.

Photo by Andrew Griswold

As a creative director with an art background, Andrew has worked with national brands and local nonprofits, producing video, photography, and design.

Andrew has spent years working campaigns for RV brands like Thor and their subsidiary Airstream as a freelancer and in collaboration with other creatives and agencies. He has finally passed the 15 year mark as a full-time creative. That, and his portfolio, forced us to promote him to Creative Director. He brings a fresh look to the timeless practice of marketing, which has proven invaluable to our very, very old Chief Operating Officer.

Creative Director & Commercial Photographer | Midwest-Based Visual Storyteller
Creative director and commercial photographer based in the Midwest specializing in innovative visuals for branding and marketing. Expert in visual storytelling with a passion for creating stunning imagery. Reliable and skilled in bringing client visions to life.

His photography and digital creative can be found on his personal blog, not to mention in use by international brands in travel and leisure, among other industries. You'll find his snaps in the most prominent places, which include brands like the Indianapolis 500, Coca-Cola, Alaska Airlines, LifeWtr, and Polaroid. Occasionally, he gets a check in the mail for work he published a long time ago, which has allowed him not only to feed and raise his two children, but also offer them the occasional gift on holidays and birthdays.

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