Is It You?

Maybe it's you we've been looking for.

Should You Work at Matchbook?

Matchbook is a focused team where each professional brings a skill that compliments the whole. Every once in a while, we discover someone that fits. If you believe that's you, contact us here.

(Please note that we receive a lot of applications and may not be able to respond to every inquiry.)

Who are we looking for now?

We're currently in search of a copywriter who is a ringer when it comes to punchy headlines. The same someone will still be able to look at the big picture and shape the whole architecture of a brand message, too.

Here are the key qualities of our next hire:

  • Writes killer headlines but isn't too clever to be effective
  • Understands brand and messaging architecture
  • Loves advertising but is cool with sell sheets, too
  • Strategic thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills
  • Web, brand, and advertising experience
  • A kind and positive attitude but maybe just a little funny

Salary and title will depend on your experience.

Ready to apply? Let's go.

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