Joe Calcagno

Full Stack Developer

His camera on his phone doesn't work, but he'll make sure your website works perfectly.

Behind every good website is an even better webmaster. Joe's our guy when it comes to maintaining stability, addressing software performance, and getting tips on how to be better at playing poker (unrelated to websites). Joe has been building websites since people started wanting them. This includes one of the largest travel websites in North America and everything from e-commerce to general marketing sites.

He's a seasoned, full-stack web developer who brings a wealth of unique experiences in the dev space to the table. Unlike some of the developers we've worked with, he understands server and DNS protocols, too. That's why you can trust him to ensure your website is running and running fast (kinda like Joe does when one of his opponents goes "all in" in a poker game).

It's easy to find web developers who are more digital than they are human, but that's not Joe. Besides poker and websites, Joe is a whole person who enjoys smoking meat, building guitars, and doting on his adorable dogs in his spare time.

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