Public Relations

Earned media and media strategy. Publicity management and outreach.

Our team can support you with story development and strategy, press releases, and earned media outreach. We’ll be by your side for corporate communications, public relations, and social media support as well.

Story Development

Shine on paper and in person.

Far more than simple public relations messaging, communications represent significant conversations by and for you and your organization. These efforts, when properly executed, are able to bridge the gap between your brand and your audiences. They make a difference in the way you are perceived. These measures are significant, allowing for successes that can change perceptions, bolster relationships, and connect in ways traditional media can’t.

We work with you to identify the goals behind your event and to form an experience that realizes and builds upon those goals. Through the strategy and planning process into the implementation and management procedures, we build attractive promotions, activities, and partnerships to create a well-rounded plan for your event.

Some news actually IS good news.

Using the same approach we take with any design, messaging or project effort, we look at your event strategically to interpret the most effective and unique calls to action and the brand touchpoints that will offer the greatest impact. As with any event or program, creativity is the key to engaging with your target demographic. We create captivating experiences that resonate with your audience by supporting all aspects of event branding, logistical support, event management, community partnerships, and outreach and creating an overall theme and identity that is relevant, exciting, and above all else, memorable for years to come.

Partnerships and sponsorships: handled

Identifying and establishing potential partnerships and event sponsors are two key elements of event planning that live within our planning phase. Our team researches and discovers sources of corporate sponsorship and funding to increase event visibility and encourage community involvement. Throughout this process, we ensure that every relationship best suits the event’s overall objective and secures a mutually beneficial partnership that brings value to everyone involved.

A measurement of success

At Matchbook, we take benchmarking seriously. We understand that measuring the success of any event is dependent upon tracking and reporting processes. Our team determines the most effective way to measure the success of the event prior to its execution. During the event, we collect and capture data across a multitude of different measurement metrics to ensure that the event is meeting its goals and that the experience lasts beyond the day of the event for everyone in attendance.

Media Relations

Community relations

The importance of approaching audiences appropriately and efficiently developing the messaging behind your campaign is key in differentiating your efforts from your competitors. Because your mission is important to you, we find the best way to connect individuals, groups, and organizations with this mission, creating simple ways for them to establish themselves as ambassadors of your cause and identify their involvement. From rallying the general public to maintaining important relationships with key donors and sponsors, we take the time to understand the language and practices of each audience for maximum reach and results.

Impact for today and tomorrow

We understand that needs change, and your fundraising goals and missions often must adapt to changes within your cause or organization. We also understand that one reached goal in fundraising isn’t the end of a journey. Matchbook’s consulting efforts don’t end with initial outreach. We help you build the tools and implementation measures to aid in the sustainability and longevity of your fundraising efforts, working side-by-side to support internal or external changes, evolving messages, and initiatives. As new needs arise and fundraising milestones are realized and achieved, we continue to introduce new messaging and outreach initiatives that support your ongoing mission.

Crisis Communications

How will they see you? We say favorably

Earned media coverage can boost your credibility and deliver your message to new audiences – often for free. It draws attention to your brand or promotion, helps evolve stories and messages into sought-after information and is often thought of as having a more authentic feeling than traditional advertising, which can boost your brand value and esteem. However, in order to access this coverage, it’s important to build strong relationships with media outlets so that you can ensure that your voice is always heard.

Our team will identify the best way to establish and grow your credibility through strategic media partnerships, helping support the creation of coverage, ongoing placements, and long-term connections to ensure that your organization’s story is told time and time again.

Telling the whole story

A news release can only carry your story so far. It takes a combination of audience understanding, key relationships, and strategic messaging to push your content into media headlines. Our media relations team’s deep understanding of the media allows us to craft your message in an engaging and memorable way, creating messages worth sharing and compelling stories that journalists are proud to tell.

Reaching the right people

We use a proven approach that targets each media outlet individually to identify which content will connect best with each respective audience. We then work to grow this content within the outlets that best support your messaging goals in order to amplify your mission and voice to the people who need to hear it most. By creating key connections with these outlets, we gain the ability to continuously garner print, broadcast, and digital media exposure that serves as a strong component of your ongoing marketing and outreach efforts.

Internal Communications

Manage your messaging, connect with your audiences

Social media has become a necessary part of daily life for one-third of the world’s population. There are hundreds of social networks available today with billions of active users across the globe – is your organization tapping into this potential?

Matchbook helps companies of all sizes, backgrounds, and industries make a name for themselves on Social Media, allowing them to create deeper, more personal connections with their audiences. With services including social media strategy, social media management, content strategy, content creation, and at-event social, we help reach, captivate, and inspire action within your defined social audiences.

Establish a presence in your industry.

No matter what industry you operate in, your audience is connected on social media. Representing a key piece of your marketing mix, your social media presence is just as important as your website, giving your audiences a behind-the-scenes look at what your organization is doing, how you interact with your customers, and what your customers think about you.

Matchbook has the knowledge, tools, and expertise to create your new social presence or elevate the presence you currently have. We help you build and brand pages, attract followers, generate excitement for events, share glimpses into your workplace culture, and create compelling content that tells the story of your brand through blogs, case studies, whitepapers, professional photography, or video.

Low-cost advertising

Social media represents one of the most cost-effective means of advertising and lead generation available. Using the right targeting for your message and budget, we make sure that your unique message reaches its intended target every time.


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