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Society for Marketing Professional Services: An association for marketing professionals, SMPS increases engagement with its membership through a comprehensive brand campaign.

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)

So, how exactly do you market to marketers? The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) wanted to do just that—to refresh and strengthen its brand to engage and grow its membership.


We began with a comprehensive DRIVE brand discovery, interviewing SMPS members and partners from across the country. From that, we were able to glean critical Insights and define the SMPS brand moving forward, both from a brand voice and brand identity standpoint. The logo was presented and approved by the Board of Directors and unveiled to the SMPS membership at their annual meeting, Build Business.


The bold new identity system helps position the brand for the future while the new website was completely restructured and reorganized to better serve its members, both now and in the future. We also helped establish ongoing marketing tools, including direct mail, collateral materials, trade show graphics, online videos, print advertising, social posts, and more. Reactions from SMPS staff and members have been overwhelmingly positive.


The new SMPS logo is a simplified evolution of the previous version, providing a bold, clean framework upon which all communications efforts can be built.


In addition to the primary HQ logo, we developed additional complementary logos for every SMPS chapter across the country. We also created brand guidelines for both HQ and individual chapters.


One of the main objectives of the SMPS brand refresh was to design and develop a new and improved website. By organizing all the content in an intuitive, user-friendly mega menu, current and potential SMPS members are able to access the information they need quickly and easily.


SMPS needed an overview video that talked to both current and potential members, communicating the mission and benefits of the organization.



This video featured a day in the life of three different (and actual) members. While they all work at varying types and sizes of A/E/C firms, SMPS provides a common thread and provides each of them with tools and resources they need to perform their jobs at the highest level.



While the 800+ members got to see the brand reveal on stage and IRL, the SMPS teams and we were posting, sharing, and retweeting the news across all social channels. In addition to our digital efforts, we mailed an analog poster to all members—to hang up in their offices and be reminded of how business can be transformed through their marketing leadership. A series of brochures was developed tailored to different target audiences, while the stationery system provided a crisp, modern canvas for all SMPS communications.

We developed a series of print ads targeting potential members, as well as firm principals (the people who usually write a check for memberships).

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