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Indiana Economic Development Corporation: The next location of global innovation is in Indiana.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation

The advanced development project in Lebanon, IN, known as LEAP Innovation District, is the largest economic development project in Indiana's history.

A Leap Ahead for Indiana.

LEAP Lebanon marks the beginning of a new era in the landscape of the state. It brings partnerships with pioneering companies, creates thousands and jobs, and captures global attention.

Going Higher

The LEAP brand was designed to be scalable and to serve as a platform to bring Indiana's economic development to new heights. We explored every place that the logo should go. More times than you can imagine, actually.

It needed to be just right.

Building an Alliance

In partnership with Marketing Alliance, we prepared content to equip the IEDC business development team put their best foot forward. Or, in this case, more than a thousand of their best acres.

Reach Higher

Like many property and economic development brands, it is realized in stages. The next location of global innovation is in Indiana, where exclusive tours are conducted by helicopter.

Groundbreaking Global Innovation

Taking a state to new heights takes more than a statewide vision. It takes global visionaries. Indiana's Secretary of Commerce has assembled the strongest partnerships and the ingenuity of a network that reaches all over the world.

Leap Ahead

Contact the IEDC. Reach the Future.

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