Falling Off The Wagon

Nine marketing priorities to get you back into the swing of things.

Good Intentions

So much of our content marketing turns into a New Year's resolution gone wrong.

We commit to building out that white paper or maybe 30 of them. Before we knew it, at home, the gym equipment we bought was a place to hang the laundry, and at work, the outlines were just a way to warm up our keyboards for more emails and Slack messages.

Good intentions don't move the needle. Until the media placement is booked, it's hard to stick to the marketing calendar.

We deal with it, too. And because many of you are our clients, we know you deal with the same thing.

Today is as good as any to get back on the wagon. Just start where you left off.

Here are some things to focus on this year:

Plan on getting started as soon as you can. Because you'll need to plan today around the marketing results you are looking for tomorrow.

Early and Often
How to plan today around the marketing results you are looking for tomorrow.

Develop a clear message for your team so they know what they need to do when they do their part.

The Path of Least Resistance
Creating effective messaging standards for sales driven businesses.

Make sure you know what your website is doing well and what needs help.

The Website Black Hole
The cosmic forces that bring all of our problems together to display them on the internet

Keep it simple. Cut out everything you don't need. It just slows you down anyway.

Doing More With Less
Building a marketing plan that does all the right things and dumps everything else.

Develop a brand architecture to remove confusion. For your team and for your customers.

Understanding Brand Architecture
How to build a brand system that supports your business today and into the future.

Learn the language of your customers so you can speak with them, not at them.

Hidden Words
How to uncover the secret language of your customer for marketing that resonates.

Learn from the most powerful brands in the world. Embrace the simple solutions.

Be Plain and Simple
The most powerful brands in the world use the simplest features for the biggest impact. Here’s why.

Make sure you focus on the end results.

ROI or Die
How to pick the marketing tactics that work and kill the ones that don’t deliver.

And finally, make sure you know what your brand stands for, and stick to it.

The Ultimate Brand Strategy.
How to develop a brand that stands up, so your customer will stand up for you.

You're off to a great start. Let's have a great year together.

We'll see you next week.

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