Understanding Widgets

How to market your unique product to the customers who want nothing but the best.

The Best In Our Class

Your industry is hard to understand. It's very specialized and vastly different from other markets. Because of that, it takes a tremendous amount of product knowledge to deliver an effective marketing campaign to your customers.

Marketing superconductive polycarbonate micro widgets requires a unique skill. If you add someone to the marketing team who is new to this industry, they'll have a big learning curve.

To take it a step further, even against your competition, your product is especially unique. Your superconductive polycarbonate micro widgets are extra superconductive. They're made of the best in polycarbonate materials and the widgets have the most micro features available on the market. You're the best in your class, and that should make you stand out. How could you ever put together a good marketing campaign without understanding all of this?

Sharper Image

Let's come back down to earth for a moment and talk about real marketing solutions. Your superconductive polycarbonate micro widgets sound very interesting, but your customers don't understand them. In fact, the odds are they will never really understand them. But there is one thing they will always understand.


This is where marketers often get derailed. By default, brand managers tend to think their product is the thing they need to market. They look for employees and partnerships that work in their field already and have experience with their complex or unique products. But more often than not, these complexities will never resonate with your customers. The only thing customers really understand is their own needs and wants. If you do your job right, they will understand why your product is the answer. But what will you say to prove you can meet those needs and appeal to those wants? The answer is almost never something about you. It's about them.

You have the most superconductive product made of the best polycarbonate materials. But your customers want faster results, fewer breakdowns, softer skin, firmer abs, or a sharper image.

So, when you start putting together your next marketing strategy, it's good to learn about your product. I'm confident that will come in handy at some point. But what you really need is someone who can understand your customers.

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