The Importance of Brand Personality.

And a brand’s personality can make it easy or hard to get along with.

All brands, just like you, have a personality. Brands evolve and grow through experience, just as you do. They create and maintain relationships just like you do. And a brand’s personality can make it easy or hard to get along with, just like you.

Personality Makes a Difference

Brand personality can make or break a buying experience for consumers. It can mean the difference between making a purchase or passing something up. The bottom line is that brand personality deeply impacts your consumers and their experiences. And it is essential to fully understand your brand personality and how it positively or negatively impacts your consumer journey. That’s where finding a stellar agency partner comes in. Is your brand cautious and calculated or quick and groundbreaking? Is it encapsulated by reliability, or is there a different way you should be presenting your service or product? An agency partner will help you fully understand keywords, phrases, and associations consumers have with your brand. This agency partner will help you prepare for the evolution of your brand’s personality. They will also help you plan for potentially unwanted negative personality traits.

Creating Brand Personality

Regardless of a brand’s position in the marketplace, its personality can have a far-reaching impact on an integrated marketing strategy. Take Arby’s, for example. Their over-the-top “We Have the Meats” campaign has evolved into a legitimate personality trait - “More.” At Arby’s, they want their customers to feel like they’re getting what they deserve. In other words, their campaign has created a personality trait for Arby’s in that consumers feel that Arby’s is “fair.” And it’s this fairness that has permeated through their marketing initiatives since this campaign launched. In the same way that a positive personality trait can be created, so can a negative one. Though negative brand personality traits are often created externally, they’re still essential to consider when auditing your current brand status. Knowing the potentially negative ways that your brand is being viewed by your consumers allows you to make meaningful internal and external changes. And it’s these changes that allow you to harness the full potential of your brand personality.

How Matchbook Can Help

We work with you to find the adjectives and personality traits that connect with your brand and audiences. We infuse that information into all of our work for you and ensure that every piece of branded collateral that we do accurately represents your brand.

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