Activating an influencer campaign to showcase a modern downtown community.

Connecting communities and inspiring lifestyles, Buckingham Companies pushes the standard of real estate to create a personalized experience for residents and guests.


Connecting communities and inspiring lifestyles, Buckingham Companies pushes the standard of real estate to create a personalized experience for residents and guests. Through expertise, research, and inspired design, Buckingham Companies currently owns 32 properties across Indiana, including their contemporary community in downtown Indianapolis, CityWay. Located at the doorstep of Indy’s professional sports venues and top entertainment sites, CityWay inspires a new kind of urban lifestyle with gardens and trees, places to work, play and stay. Established in 2013, this vibrant neighborhood boasts apartments and townhomes, an award-winning hotel, The Alexander, a state-of-the-art YMCA, restaurants, and retail, surrounded by museum-quality public art and green spaces.

Additionally, two pools, multiple outdoor kitchens, expanded fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and multiple social spaces make CityWay the best choice for Indianapolis living. In an effort to showcase and promote the newest phase of residences at CityWay to Indy locals and potential residents, Buckingham partnered with Matchbook to establish a social media influencer campaign. Through involved outreach, event support, relationship management, and local partnerships, we worked toward CityWay’s objectives of increasing awareness of this transformative mixed-use property through influential relationships.


Our partnership began with strategy and research discussions, deciding which partnerships best aligned. Instead of deciding on one category of influencers, we partnered with a wide variety, including interior designers, tech industry representatives, and lifestyle and beauty bloggers. Additionally, Matchbook provided influencer relationship support and coordination at art-focused events promoting CityWay’s new artistic offerings, exercise classes, and partnerships with well-known local organizations like IndyHub.

Each influencer partner was invited to stay the night at CityWay. The experience was genuine, with customized surprises at every corner. Each partner was able to enjoy CityWay accommodations and unique CityWay experiences such as dinner at one of the property’s restaurants, spa services, coffee and snacks from the Alexander’s Plat 99, a ride around the city thanks to the Pacer’s bike share program, etc.

These experiences gave their audiences a better understanding of all CityWay has to offer outside of a stellar housing lifestyle. Amenities at CityWay include establishments such as the world-class hotel The Alexander, and retail tenants including an 87,000-square-foot state-of-the-art YMCA, a full-service CVS, and unique restaurant concepts like Plat 99, Cunningham Restaurant Group's Nesso, Taxman Brewery, and Yolk.


This social influencer campaign was successful due to the authentic campaign developed and the excellent social media metrics produced. The campaign reached over 138,000 users on Instagram and a total of 382 comments across eight influencers. At the end of the partnerships, content about CityWay received nearly 7,000 likes. According to feedback from each influencer, their followers were engaged by asking questions, which ultimately manifested in CityWay apartment tours.

Influencer campaigns hold a lot of power when partnered with an agency that encourages authentic and meaningful relationships. Each facet of the partnership was well-thought out with intention and strategy, leading to a successful campaign.

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