Building a purpose-driven agency.

When visiting Matchbook, visitors and partners are likely to be struck by the atmosphere. The collection of individuals at Matchbook is filled with unique personalities, but we’re united by a vision of connecting with powerful and purpose-driven organizations, and that fact has remained unchanged since our founding.

Donna Gray and Christy Gormal, our co-founders and respective CEO and President, have always held the intention to support meaningful purposes and connect driven people from day one, since initially pairing up for a project as strangers. “We had graduated, were working in the industry and then both went back to school to earn our master’s degrees,” says Gormal. “We were asked to form partners for a group project and decided to pair up. The rest is history.”

From the start, Matchbook’s focus has been creating quality work that makes an impact. Whether helping a nonprofit connect with new partners, helping a small business grow, or refreshing a company brand to allow stronger pursuit of their changemaking objectives with a new framework, Matchbook has been formed in a way that brings each team member’s best instincts to the forefront.

“Since our founding, we have been equally as passionate about the services we provide as we have been about giving back,” says Gray. This attitude is present in our partners who conduct valuable work in the fields of education, athletics and conservation (to name a few), and in the way each team member works to further causes they’re passionate about. Some of the organizations that Matchbook employees volunteer with include the Rotary Club of Indianapolis, American Advertising Federation, March of Dimes, IUPUI, Playworks Indiana, the Harrison Center’s Independent Music + Art Festival, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.

Partnerships with organizations both inside and outside of work has meant building a larger team and keeping an eye toward growth. “When we started, we were three people with a vision to do great work and create impact,” says Gormal. “Now, we’re nearly 20 people who all want to do meaningful and purpose-driven work.” This growth has united the Matchbook team under a larger vision, and it’s expanded our capabilities which have in turn connected us meaningfully with external organizations.

As partners and as advocates to IndyHumane, the Indianapolis Urban League, the Junior League of Indianapolis, Starfish Initiative, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and many more, we’ve held that our success comes from their success. We become a true partner, invested in listening and understanding. Since 2007, we’ve found that by providing strategic tailored solutions we can build the best possible foundation for the future for our team, our partners, and our community.